Why Windows 365 Is a Big Deal, All You Need to Know

Windows 365 Features

  • “Windows 365 provides an instant-on boot experience,” says Wangui McKelvey, a general manager for Microsoft 365. Workforces can access Windows and all their apps, tools, data, and settings on Macs, iPads, Linux machines, and Android devices with this instant-access technology. McKelvey explains that the state of your Cloud PC remains the same on every device, so transferring access is effortless.
  • Using Cloud PCs, businesses can easily create desktop computers for employees in minutes without having to purchase dedicated hardware. Having secure access to a corporate network may be appealing to many businesses hiring contractors and remote workers.
  • Windows 346 will support a range of business apps, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform. In addition to managing cloud PCs, Microsoft Endpoint Manager can apply security and management policies remotely from devices using Windows 365.
  • By leveraging a Zero Trust architecture, Microsoft claims the cloud PC is designed to address some of today’s most critical security challenges. Using Microsoft Azure Active Directory, the service allows for multi factor authentication to verify a user’s login or access attempt.

Windows 365 Requirements

  • Licenses needed in order to use Cloud PC/Windows 365:
  • Users with Windows Pro endpoints: Windows 10 Enterprise E3 + EMS E3 or Microsoft 365 F3/E3/E5/BP
  • Users w/non-Windows Pro endpoints: Windows VDA E3 + EMS E3 or Microsoft 365 F3/E3/F5/BP
  • Azure subscription
  • Subscription Owner (setup network connection)
  • Virtual Network (vNET) in Azure subscription
  • Azure vNET virtual Network must route to a DNS server that can resolve Active Directory records either on-premises or on Azure.
  • This AD must be in sync with Azure AD to provide a hybrid identity in Azure AD.
  • Microsoft Intune supported licenses (e.g. Microsoft 365 E3)
  • Intune Service Admin



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