Why the iPad Pro is the best computer for most people?

A couple of years ago I interviewed Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, and when he entered the briefing room, he noticed my iPad Pro, he yapped,” need to start using a real computer, my friend.” Of course, I wrote about this encounter and the world over there were headlines paraphrasing my story which in a week led Apple to release an advertisement about the iPad which questioned what’s a computer. With the launch of the new iPad Pro, Apple revisits that question again in an advertisement — “ what’s a computer?” And taking queues from this advertisement — for most people I’ve to admit that the iPad Pro is the best computer. It’s very important to understand, most people today don’t use local apps and are more or less huddled inside the web browser. People don’t use local apps the way we used to till say five years ago. The web browser is the operating system. Perhaps, the only reason people still use apps are for mission-specific tasks — be it photo editing, video editing, or gaming. Even those thing can be done to a certain extent with a great deal of expertise within the browser.

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Now, I’ve not tested the new iPad Pro, but there are reasons why I can say it will be a sublime computer for most people.

Words by Sahil Mohan Gupta

Originally published at https://warpcore.live on March 31, 2020.

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