warpcore recommends 6.7

warpcore & friends ft. Praveen Achary and Hoax: Praveen Achary’s mixes are a testament to his adaptability and cohesion of musical influences. All weaved together in a seamless manner. Achary churns out music with a combination of deep, tech, and progressive house, and has played at a lot of festivals like Sunburn, Vh1 Supersonic, etc. Alongside him will be warpcore’s co-founder Hoax with his dreamy melodies. So make sure you witness them at Raasta, Delhi on Saturday. Click here to book your tickets.

Dhruv Visvanath & Nowhere Station: One-man bands are hard to come by and Dhruv Visvanath is a welcome breath of fresh air in the indie music scene. He is one of the most popular and brilliant singer-songwriters in the country with a truly unique sound. Supporting him will be a Delhi-based music band, Nowhere Station. Catch them on Thursday at Mic Drop, grab your tickets from here.

Deborah De Luca: Deborah is the Italian queen of techno, she plays all over the world and continues to produce fresh and innovative music. Her sound can be best described as melodic, bassy, and contaminated. Catch her live this Thursday at Soho, The Ashok. Book your spots here. On Saturday, she’s traveling to Bangalore performing in the XU, The Leela.

The After Party | SEQU3L, Collido, SEÑOR & more!: SEQU3L has been a phenomenon in the house music circuit for over a decade. Nakul has tackled residences both in India and abroad for several years now. He is known for his tactful blended House and Techno music which takes listeners to an enthralling journey. Supporting him will be Collido, SEÑOR and Bird. Register here for spots.

Sub Hvy feat. Zokhuma, Prismer & Corridors: This one is for true aficionados of electronic music as Zokhuma is one of India’s brightest and most versatile musicians. Prismer focuses on sounds that challenge the mind, energize the body, and explore the soul. Corridors music ideally cannot be potholed under a singular form of the genre, but in a varied sense, it encompasses Experimental/ambient / glitch. Catch this epic line-up at Raasta, Delhi this Friday.

Sound Garden feat. Anish Sood, Nash & Nida: Anish Sood is one of the most prolific artists to break through the Indian dance music scene. He plays a versatile mix of house, techno and electro. His sound is cerebral, exploratory, and radical. Alongside him will be Nash & Nida. This one’s on Friday at Diablo. Get your tickets from here.

Outside Delhi:

When Chai Met Toast: Hailing from Kochi, the South-western coast of India, When Chai Met Toast is best known for delivering smiles through their light-hearted tunes. The band started out as a duo with Achyuth and Ashwin in 2014 when they were officially joined by Palee and Sailesh and to make their debut EP — ‘Joy of Little Things’. With their happy and energetic tracks, they will make you shout ‘Hey’ along with the band. Hear them at AntiSocial Mumbai on Wednesday. Buy your tickets from here.

ANA LILIA & LIKWID: Hailing from Mexico & now residing in maximum city Mumbai — Ana Lilia is like a breath of fresh air in the Indian electronic scene. LIKWID and Ana will draw you in with a unique sound that is seeped in Melodic-House & Techno. Catch them live at AntiSocial, Mumbai. Buy your spots here.

Izhevski at Aqua Bangalore: Dima Pushkarev aka Izhevski is one of the members of the Gorje Hewek & Izhevski duet, a resident of ALL DAY I DREAM and of the Moscow cult club “Propaganda” and also the owner of the music label “Shanti Moscow Radio”. His sound is soothing, groovy, and magical. Don’t miss it if you’re a fan of labels like Anjunadeep and ADID. Get your tickets here.

Planet Paradox Goa: The saga begins with a 3 day festival with over 20+ artists. The event will see Italian queen Deborah De Luca, Doctor Dru, Tomy Wahl, Musumeci, and many more. Catch this epic line-up at Larive Beach Resort, Goa. Save your spot from here.

BLOT!: The king aka Raat ka Raja nowadays is back at Goa, this Friday. Expect nothing but to be mesmerized on the dance floor with swirling, melodic sounds to trip you out. Supporting him will be Zoya, Pindrop, Seera, dual Monk, and Phaéthon. Grab your spots from here.

Words: Shreshth Sharma



Serving communities on the intersection of technology, indie music and culture, the warp core is a think tank founded by technology journalist Sahil Mohan Gupta

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Serving communities on the intersection of technology, indie music and culture, the warp core is a think tank founded by technology journalist Sahil Mohan Gupta