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Best Gigs in Delhi NCR

warpcore presents TRIKK: Say hello to 2020 with warpcore’s first big party to kick off its new residency at Summer House Cafe in New Delhi. Hailing from Portugal, TRIKK embodies the spirit of techno and house while throwing in some experimentation for good measure. He also happens to be one of the rising stars of Dixon’s Innversions label which can give you an idea of his pedigree. Check him out on the 10th, where he will be joined by warpcore co-founder Hoax weaving hypnotic and dreamy melodies that tatter on the edge of deep house and progressive music.

Ownage Presents BLOT!: An acronym for Basic Love of Things, BLOT! Needs no introduction. His music resides somewhere between the hazy lines of techno and melodic house while retaining accessibility that allows his exploration to burrow deep in your minds. He’s known to be one of India’s best exponents of electronic music and is perhaps the most dependable party starter in the country. Catch him at VU The Penthouse Bar in New Delhi on the 10th for a long 5-hour extended set.

Nightvibe presents Eelke Kleijn & RÆDL: Hailing from the Netherlands, Eelke Kleijn is known for his ability to create memorable and organic dance floor electronica but that’s not all that he does. He also produces original scores for television and film, with his experiences coalescing into an energetic cacophony of music to get you moving. He visits Raasta in New Delhi on the 10th, joined by our very own RÆDL.

Friday Nights Feat.DJ Skip and DJ Karma: DJ Karma is one half of the dubstep duo Bass Foundry and is a skilled rapper with rhymes that transition seamlessly between Hindi and English. His love for all things Hip-Hop wraps his music in an ethereal sheen while DJ Skip is an award-winning turntablist who has a unique skill on the decks with a signature sound that jumps between funk, hip-hop, R&B and even house. Catch them live at Kitty Su in New Delhi on the 10th.

The Piano Man Presents Karmen Roivassepp Quartet: A quartet that creates music in the modern jazz idiom with a sophisticated melodic and harmonic approach, great interplay and child-like playfulness that is tough to beat. Catch them at The Piano Man in New Delhi on the 10th with an encore on the 11th at The Piano Man Gurugram.

Wavlngth pres Iggy, Thee J Johanz: Thee J Johanz has been on the frontlines of the Dutch techno and house revolution, even producing an award-winning trip-hop album. His interest in various genres of music from around the world results in a frantic, eclectic mix of melodies and analogue synths that oscillate between bangers and thoughtful exploration. Iggy is a self-taught hustler from Goa who has travelled the world, making people dance to his tunes. Come see this meeting of the minds at Auro Kitchen and Bar in New Delhi on the 11th.

Checkfest Delhi • HVOB: HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys) is an Austrian electronic duo founded in Vienna by Anna Müller and Paul Wallner. The duo focuses on restrained and minimalist electronica with the use of vocals. They are currently on tour for their game-changing new album bringing their Checkfest to India. They visit QLA in New Delhi on the 11th.

Best Gigs outside Delhi NCR

HVOB • Antisocial: Before they head to Delhi, HVOB visits antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 10th. Catch their vocal-driven minimalist electronica in Mumbai before the encore in Delhi on the 11th.

Krunk Presents Rafiki & J.Müller: Rafiki is the solo project of Sohail Arora (Founder of Krunk) pushing the best in cutting edge acid, house, breaks & techno from across the globe. The former lead singer of pop-funk band, Black Forest Ghetto, J.Müller glides between the sounds of tribal house and techno. Catch them at Bonobo in Mumbai on the 10th.

Pagal Haina presents: Lifafa + Hashback Hashish: Lifafa aka Suryakant Sawhney tests the boundaries of electronic music, experimenting with his unique take on melody and cadence. Hashback Hashish is known for his unreal basslines and his brand of eerie minimal techno. Together, they storm antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 11th.

Kitty Su Mumbai Presents Red Axes: Originating in a post-punk band called “Red Cotton” that later morphed into Red Axes, two friends began their journey in the basements of Amsterdam and the streets of Tel Aviv with a dose of psychedelia, potions, and an unconditional passion for music, introducing the world to a new wave of slow beats and electric garage. They come to Kitty Su in Mumbai on the 11th.

DGTL Bengaluru 2020: A two day festival in Bengaluru on the 11th and 12th, The popular international music and arts festival DGTL expands and adds Bengaluru to the growing list of locations to showcase the latest in art, music and culture. Featuring likes of Adam Rehman, Anetha, Arjun Vagale, Cats on Crack, HVOB, Murthovic and many more.

Transitions feat. Eelke Kleijn: Following his performance in the capital city, Eelke Kleijn visits Block 22 in Hyderabad on the 11th for a night filled with frantic, melodic bangers to make you groove.

Lucent ft. 8-Bit Culprit + More: Producing music for over seven years, Faraz aka 8-bit Culprit is firmly entrenched in the philosophy of “less is more” and his music is an amalgamation of diverse styles blended with maturity on the dance floor. He visits Aqua in Bangalore on the 12th.

Words by Rohith Bhaskar

Originally published at https://warpcore.live on January 6, 2020.



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