Warpcore Pull List October 2021

3 min readOct 12, 2021


It’s pull list day. This month you might notice, no DC. Why is that? It’s not like there are bad DC comics over the last few weeks, it’s just that these ones stood out to me and I thought it would be fun to share them instead.

The me you love in the dark 3

Image Comics

Ro becomes even more intimate with whoever, or whatever, is haunting the old house as she finds the spark of inspiration for her most personal paintings yet.

Skottie Young (I Hate Fairyland, Deadpool, Strange Academy) continues to weave a tale alongside artist Jorge Corona (№1 With A Bullet, Super Sons, Feathers) that fans of Stephen King and Neil Gaiman will enjoy. It’s a beautiful, dark, and disturbing story of discovery, love, and terror that will leave you both excited and anxious.

Seven swords 4

Aftershock Comics

One of those series that I stumbled upon some time back. I was pleasantly surprised when I started it, and I’m completely enjoying how it’s going. Cardinal Richelieu and his minions need only the blade of the sword of Lucifer to enact their mysterious plan. But it’s locked away in the Papal vaults that seems virtually impenetrable. D’Artagnan and the rest of our legendary heroes face the challenge of getting to the blade before he does. But dissention in the ranks, the might of the Vatican, and the Pope’s elite might make this something they can’t handle.

TMNT: The Last Ronin 4


The saga of the Last Ronin continues with him taking on his greatest risk yet. Infiltrating Baxter Stockman’s tech island. The true story of what set him on his path to vengeance is finally ready to be revealed in the penultimate issue.

And as always, collectors have over 15 variant covers to grab.

The United States of Captain America #4


If you haven’t been following this saga of Captain America(s), then you’re definitely missing out. John Walker, U.S. Agent and Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier, join the fight against a Cap imposter and his shadowy patrons. The chase leads them to a break-in at one of the most secure facilities in the country. Now faced with the true magnitude of the forces they must fight against; will they be able to save the day? Or are they already too late?

Alyssa Wong joins Christopher Cantwell, Ron Lim, Jodi Nishijima, Cam Smith, Scott Hanna, and Matt Milla in the adventure that introduces Arielle Agbayani, the campus Captain America who fights the system that turns a blind eye to rich kids getting away with their bad behaviour.

Words by Anant Sagar




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