warpcore Pull List June 2021

It’s that time again where we pick 4 interesting comics from the last month that you should be checking out.

Welcome back to Pull List Day!

So, what are we waiting for, let’s go.

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #1

Marvel Comics

Quite possibly the biggest crossover in the current Star Wars comic continuity, the War of the Bounty Hunters ties in to all the running series. The greatest hunt this side of the galaxy is about to begin, for the scruffy nerf herder Han Solo himself. And Boba Fett is on his trail. Good thing the Empire, the Alliance, and every bounty hunter around is standing in his way.

Seven Secrets #8

Boom! Studios

Tom Taylor continues to weave a fantastical tale of a hidden history full of secrets that must not be unleashed on the world. The Order has managed to find their way through the land of the faerie, but they aren’t out of the woods yet. Can Caspar continue to keep his vow as a holder after everything he’s witnessed? Will the secrets remain protected?

p.s. message to Tom: If you do end up reading this, you know what you did!

Harley Quinn #3

DC Comics

Stephanie Phillips and Riley Rossmo kick Harley’s war of “wellness” against Hugo Strange into high gear. Arkham Asylum’s most sadistic guard, and Hugo’s right hand man is about to set on Harley and Kevin, right in the middle of their first support group meeting. There are some lines you don’t cross, and Hugo Strange is about to get educated by Harley about them. This is going to get ugly, bring a rain coat.

The Invincible Red Sonja #2


The award-winning dynamic duo of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti continue the adventures of Red Sonja. On a mission to protect a young princess as her wedding day arrives, Red Sonja faces a very enticing offer. A coveted icon of the kingdom is stolen and the king’s wizard has set a bounty that might just drag our hero into a whole new adventure. For collectors, this one’s got some really interesting variant covers.

Words: Anant Sagar



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