This is a Hazmat suit for partying in the post coronavirus world

The world has changed forever thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing protocols thanks to the contagious nature of the virus mean that till there is a vaccine for the virus people wouldn’t be going out. This basically means that partying and concerts are out of the question. But human ingenuity never ceases to boggle the mind as Los Angels based studio “Production Club” has released a jaw-dropping blueprint of a hazmat suit which called the Micrashell which is designed to be a party suit for the post-pandemic age helping people to adhere to social distancing while also enabling one to enjoy live music in the free form.

  • It is an air-tight top suit coupled with a hybrid soft hard helmet made of tactical high-performance cut-resistant fabric. It has been developed with an eye towards durability, easy disinfection protocols and endurance.
  • It is made out of UHMWPE fabrics and lightweight film composite, including sealed sewed patterns and ornaments as well as Cordura inserts.
  • The suite includes two lithium-ion batteries so that it can work uninterrupted. These batteries can also be easily swapped out when discharged.
  • Behind the helmet is a sophisticated air filtration system replete with N95 filters and suction mechanism and an air ejection system.
  • The interesting thing the suit is that includes wireless communication, a system for vaping and consuming beverages, a camera scheme with RGB LED monitoring that pans and tilts and even an inbuilt Soundsystem.
  • It has dedicated spaces for your smartphone which can control the suit through an application, NFC connections and more.

Production Club are no newbies by the way. They are the guys behind the elaborate stage designs for big-ticket acts like Skrillex and the Chainsmokers. Even though this is currently at an early design stage, don’t expect to come soon as it will likely go through a couple of phases of prototyping and will likely cost a bomb. You can find more information here.

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