The 10 gadgets you can gift your valentine

Cupid’s hovering again but before he can pierce your bae’s heart with his arrow, it’s best to ease into the conversation. What’s the ideal way to break the ice? Gifts of course! Here are 10 gadgets to gift to your special someone on valentine’s day.

10. iPhone 11
Even if you aren’t the biggest Apple fan, it’s hard to deny the quality of the company’s products. The iPhone is the ever-reliable old dog and with each new iteration, it’s learnt plenty of new tricks. The iPhone experience is still sought after for being the best, which makes it perfect for your loved one. You can check out what Sahil thought of the new iPhone 11 in his review. The iPhone 11 is available for Rs 64,900, the iPhone 11 Pro for Rs 99,900 and the iPhone XR for Rs 44,900.

9. Apple AirPods Pro
Noise-cancelling earphones have a charm to them, one that the Apple AirPods Pro embodies. Sure, they aren’t the best sounding earphones nor are they affordable, which makes losing them a huge problem. They aren’t the perfect choice for Android user’s either but if your bae likes everything Apple, there is no reason to pair this with that expensive new iPhone that you just bought them. They are available for Rs 24,900. Also, check out the warpcore review here.

8. Apple iPad Mini
Too much Apple, eh? Don’t worry this is the last one we promise! The iPad is the de-facto tablet, no other company has come close and looking at the current market, it doesn’t look like any other company will. The iPad and iPad Pro are gorgeous machines but the iPad Mini makes the perfect gift. Again, this is the ideal gift to complete an ecosystem or get one started with Apple products. It isn’t exactly cheap at Rs 34,900 for the 64GB Wi-Fi model but you get what you pay for.

7. Apple Watch Series 5
Okay we lied, we can’t talk about Apple and leave out the Apple Watch, can we? The series 5 may have been the most boring update to Apple’s stellar smartwatch line but there’s still enough hear to keep it ahead of the competition. It’s sleek, smooth and looks great with multiple colors to choose from. You can pick one up for Rs 40,900 with the standard white band. Here’s what we think of the Series 5.

6. OnePlus 7T
Thought we forgot about Android did you? OnePlus as a company has made great strides over the last few years, now firmly establishing itself as a premium Android smartphone manufacturer. The OnePlus 7T is the culmination of that experience, straddling the line at that affordable/premium price bracket in the high 40’s, it may have a few competitors now but this is the company that thought up the affordable flagship in the first place. You can buy the 7T for Rs 34,999 and the new 7T Pro for Rs 53,999. In case you are wondering, our review is right here.

5. Samsung Galaxy Fold
Now, this is strictly for the early adopters and if your bae loves having a crack at new technology before further iterations iron out the fault, then the Samsung Galaxy Fold is an ideal choice. We do serve caution with this one, given Samsung’s track record with months of delays and fixes. It’s a unique gift if you can stomach the pricing.

4. Realme 10,000mAh Power Bank
Realme surprised us with this one. It’s a great looking, affordable power bank available in multiple colors. If you are into it, it can be great for pairing colors and even if you aren’t the color choices don’t hurt one bit. Besides, a power bank is a great everyday tool. You can pick up the Realme power bank for Rs 1,299.

3. Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 50
A 4K HDR TV for Rs 29,999. What’s not to like? It’s great for introducing your bae to the wonderful world of 4K and it’s a smart tv to boot which means you get Android-based Patchwall OS with Google Assistant and access to Netflix and Amazon Prime right from the remote. You can buy it here. Read our review here.

2. Valentine’s day skins on PUBG Mobile
If you happen to love sharing a session of PUBG with your special someone, then PUBG Mobile is hosting limited-edition outfits available from 2nd to 17th of February. Takedown enemies, themed with matching outfits with the one you love.

1.Amazon Echo
What better way to say that you love someone than by making someone else say it, in this case, Alexa. Yeah…that was pretty lame but you get the pitch, a nice portable smart speaker that can handle basic life tasks and if you have it set up properly, even control your home for you. It’s available here.

Originally published at on February 13, 2020.