Cool music Apple showed off during product showcase at iPhone keynote

The latest Apple keynote for the launch of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro not only got consumers excited around the world with the Cupertino based company’s latest gadgetry, but it tingled the imagination of a number of listeners of some of these artists on the list, who were otherwise erstwhile unknown. Apple as a brand is known for its tastemaking prowess, has introduced many (musical) gems in the past like ‘Shut up and let me go” by The Ting Tings, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet, “Dreams” by Beck, “Go” by Louise the Child; they’ve also used more popular recording artists’ work like “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand, “Sunburn” by Muse, “Vertigo” by U2 and “Feel Good Inc” by The Gorillaz. And most of these tracks have become famous because they were played as background music for Apple’s product videos.

Discovering new music is always fun, but it’s even more fun to be united in the YouTube comment section when everyone is talking about how they were led to the discovery via Apple’s brilliant and tactful ability to tap into pop culture to create very fine commercial moments. Read on to know about the songs and artists they curated for their special event this year before these artists are inevitably catapulted to fame from their obscurity. We’ve listed out all the songs for you so you can be cooler before your friends are, so you can call it before the storm.

Flirting with June by Les Gordon — opening track for the keynote

Les Gordon is a French electronic producer and songwriter whose song Flirting is used in the Apple ad as well as the opening track to this year’s keynote speech. The track is loopy, quirky and futuristic, and almost seems like it was created exactly for the moment it was used for.

Cube by Hauschka — testimonies on Apple Watch

Volker Bertelmann — aka Hauschka — is a purveyor of imaginative, distinctive, prepared piano music, who has also won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for his score in the movie Lion (2016). “Cube” is minimal, almost movie soundtrack-like while simultaneously also fit for a modern ballet — it is exactly that playful and mysterious.

Move! by NIKI — presenting the next generation of Apple Watch Series 5

NIKI is the stage name of Indonesian R&B artist, Nicole Zefanya. Her track is the usual fun, pop song that plays it safe and caters to the listening needs of Generation Z.

Sympathy by Vampire Weekend — detailing the Apple Watch Series 5

Vampire Weekend is a chart-topping, Grammy Award-winning American rock band from New York City who are known for mixing indie rock with joyful, Afro-pop-inspired melodies and rhythms. “Sympathy” is taken from their 2019 album, Father of The Bride, and is just the very indie, foot-tapping sound we needed to hear Apple use to introduce the new Apple Watch.

Driftin’ by Lex Junior — introducing the newest iPhone 11

Lex Junior is a Toronto-native music producer & singer/songwriter of Filipino descent. “Driftin” was used to introduce the new iPhone 11. The song has the slick, chill electronic sound that makes you wonder why it couldn’t have been longer than 2 minutes, 33 seconds because it’s just such a breezy listen.

Pop Panic by Lex Junior feat. Just John — showcasing the first video shot on iPhone 11

Another track of Lex Junior’s that features Toronto-based, Jamaican origin rapper Just John. “Pop Panic’ is very different from “Driftin”- it is fast-paced, edgy and experimental — a “Renaissance” project.

Dream Dream Dream by Madeon — introducing the slowfies for the iPhone 11

French DJ, record producer, singer, songwriter and musician Hugo Leclercq aka Madeon was introduced to electronic music aged 11, when he came upon a documentary about Daft Punk. He describes “Dream Dream Dream” as “celebrating the joy you’ve earned”, and one can very clearly hear the influence oh his heroes in this dreamy, synthy track.

Brazooka by NVDES — detailing the iPhone 11

NVDES is an experimental indie pop, indietronica, and electropop project created in 2015 and based in Los Angeles, California. “Brazooka” is the fast-paced, hard-hitting dance/electro track perfect as a hype tool for any product, and cleverly used to advertise the iPhone 11.

Get Up by Terrel Hines — introducing iPhone 11 pro

Terrell Hines is a multi-faceted artist based in Los Angeles. “Get Up” has been stuck in our heads and got our feet tapping and we can’t wait for Hines’ album ‘St. Mark Road’ to drop in October. Finding this song has been a little treasure hunt (because this song hasn’t been officially released yet), and we are so sure this is going to climb the Billboard Hot 100 chart like an agile monkey.

Ponds by Big Hilmars — detailing the new iPhone 11 pro camera system

Icelandic composer & artist Biggi Hilmars’ “Ponds” was used for the iPhone 11 Pro Camera presentation. The track is cinematic and timeless. It is the kind of art that that is classic in its simplicity.

Bones by Refs — detailing the new iPhone 11 pro

Refs is a new duo consisting of producers Zach Lipkins and Richard Saunders. “Bones” is taken from their upcoming EP Now and is used for the iPhone 11 pro commercial. The song has the kind of sound that gets you vibing with the rain on a cloudy day but could also get you motivated to focus on work. It is melancholic but wholesome, distant yet exudes warmth.

Originally published at on September 12, 2019.

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Words by Drishti Rongpipi




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Serving communities on the intersection of technology, indie music and culture, the warp core is a think tank founded by technology journalist Sahil Mohan Gupta

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