Best gadgets to gift this Diwali

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With Diwali just around the corner, it is officially gifting season in India. This also coincides with some great deals on online platforms as well as some great new product launches. So without further ado let’s take a look at some of the best gadgets that you could gift to your friends and family.

  1. The iPhone 11 is perhaps the most obvious gifting option this year. Since this is a phone which is not only the best smartphone in the world right now it is going to be an awesome gift. More than that, there are some incredible cashback options on the device which make it quite affordable providing some really good value.
  2. The new OnePlus 7T also makes a great alternative to the iPhone 11 if you’re wanting to gift a smartphone. It is perhaps the fastest Android smartphone in the market while offering a swanky new design. It is also an affordable choice for gifting a premium smartphone.
  3. Continuing with the theme of smartphones — a more affordable gift can be the dapper but very capable Nokia 8.1. Now, this isn’t the latest phone as it was launched way back in December, but it is fast, powerful with great cameras and it looks the part. The best bit is its price which is now south of 20k.
  4. If you’re in the mood to gift something for the living room, then there can’t be anything better than the new Xiaomi MiTV 4X 50-inch 4K TV. It comes with HDR playback, decent sound and Netflix integrations out of the box. This also works on the latest Android TV software stack doubled with the patch wall operating system.
  5. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated television for the living room and the focus is on premium looks and picture quality then it has to be the new Samsung Frame TV 55-inch. It is obviously a 4K TV but also has incredible picture quality and top of that it comes with 120Hz refresh rate which is going to be important if you’re watching 4K Netflix or playing Red Dead Redemption on your Xbox.
  6. If you’re friends with a hardcore Apple user who also happens to be a fitness nut, then there is nothing better than the Apple Watch Series 3 that you could gift. It may not be the latest Apple Watch, but sure is a powerful one which comes with a powerful suite of fitness and healthcare functions that work in tandem with the iPhone.
  7. The new Mi Band 4 is the latest iteration of Xiaomi’s trusted fitness tracker which now comes with advanced capabilities like a colour OLED display, heart-rate tracking, and more advanced smartphone integrations. It also comes with killer battery life which makes this one of the best smart bands in the market.
  8. Laptops are our lifelines to get work done and Lenovo’s no-nonsense IdeaPad 330 is perhaps the best machine you can get for anyone. It has a powerful Intel 8th generation processor which makes it snappy as hell and then it comes with a decent screen and very good keyboard and trackpad. It is basic but solid.
  9. The Ultimate Ears MegaBlast is the ultimate party starter. It is small compact speaker which is also after resistant and battery operated but it packs a wallop when it comes down to sound quality displaying a crispness in audio that rivals brand like Bose and has loudness levels that would be adequate for most people especially in a portable form.
  10. The best wireless earphones in India aren’t the Apple AirPods 2 — in fact, they are by Apple-owned Beats — the Powerbeats Pro. Make no mistake, these are expensive earbuds, however, they pack all the smarts you associate with the AirPods 2 with two big advantages — better audio and a better fit that they don’t fall off. Obviously, they sync seamlessly with Apple hardware, but these sound really good with even Android smartphones.
  11. For audiophiles, the Edifier R1850DB speakers are perfect. They don’t cost a bomb, yet provide an old school bookshelf design while also providing modern niceties like Bluetooth wireless connection and have an active design which means that they don’t need a separate amplifier. And of course, they sound really blissful.
  12. Apple’s iPad mini 2019 is perhaps the best iPad for many people. It is compact, and plenty powerful with the A12 chip which also powers the iPhone XS while also adding Apple Pencil support for the creative types. The best thing perhaps comes in the form of the iPadOS update which makes this more like a general-purpose computer than any iOS update.
  13. For frequent travellers, the Sony M1000 M3 is perhaps the best headphone in the world. These headphones have class-leading noise cancellation, they sound amazing with a balanced output and they are utterly comfortable with a supple cup and general lightweight frame. The amazing bit is that these aren’t the latest headphones out there, but they still manage to sound better than newer rivals.

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