All Songs featured in Apple’s “One More Thing” Event

Yesterday, Apple hosted its last event of the year dubbed “One More Thing” based on the iconic Steve Jobs quote where the company unveiled its new M1 chip for its Mac laptops and desktops. The Cupertino based company also announced three new Mac computers which included a new MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini. You can read more about them here.

Apple has a knack of choosing the right music for the right video and yesterday was no different as Apple offered some bangers that you can rock out to for hours and hours.

Last night, we discovered some masterpieces like “Take Back the Power” by Revolutionist singer-songwriter Raury, a proper anthem with strong lyrics like “Music amplifies the state of the people”. It’s hauntingly beautiful yet strong with a deep meaning, you’ll want to add this into your daily playlist and believe me it will pump you up for weeks.

Another track which was used to complement ARM Mac Mini was “Back It Up” by Alison Wonderland and AWE, this track reminds me of the epic soundtrack of Watch Dogs 2. The raw synths and noisy filters give a very energetic and heavy create perfect hype tool for any product.

Another cool track is “Fly away” by Tones and I, which opens and closes the event. This song is not released yet but it already seemed so catchy and memorable. “Fly Away” is going to be released this Friday. You can watch the teaser here.

We’ve listed out all the songs for you below so you don’t have to rewatch the whole event. Happy Listening!

Words : Shreshth Sharma